Dancing Tree

Lebanon has lost most of its forests and green areas during the civil war, but during peace it had lost even more due to greed, unmanaged construction, and forest fires.


DOORI was our first social- environmental project where junk and non-recyclable materials are converted to eco-friendly furniture and decorative items with creative  designs for home, garden, balcony and offices.



Indimaj project, aims to reintegrate former substance abusers into society in a sustainable and socio-professional way, by strengthening the personal abilities of vulnerable individuals. Former residents will be able to find sustainable jobs/ start training sessions suitable to their aspirations and abilities. The project helps residents at the rehabilitation center to rebuild a balanced and sustainable life at all levels.

Mch Elak Elon

CHREEK launched in Christmas 2015 a (giving back to community program) under the title of مش إلك إلن  where people are encouraged to replace the traditional gifts to the loved ones by going with the loved ones to a family in need and offer the proposed gift. The Christmas campaign was developed to a 365 days of Christmas Project because CHREEK has created the network of givers and receivers and because we have realized that the needs are huge and that we are capable of mediating.