Phoenician Plastic Upcycled Ship

CHREEK‘s team is designing and building a Phoenician style boat made of used plastic bottles. 

A number of 35,000 plastic bottles will be used in constructing the ship, a number that might get Lebanon another Guinness world record. 

The boat will be sailing in the Mediterranean Sea promoting environmental awareness throughout its journey.

The aim is to launch one of the biggest environmental campaigns for sorting garbage in Lebanon and benefit from this opportunity to gather people around entertaining events that will create an environment of awareness which municipalities can build on to create advanced waste management systems in their towns to recycle as much waste as possible.

The size of the Boat is 15 x 5 meters and has the shape of the Phoenician Boat with a very huge sail. The Boat will sail from Byblos Port to visit the main Lebanese ports where there would be green festivals, with music and awareness campaigns highlighting the importance of sorting garbage, recycling and upcycling.
The people of Lebanon will be introduced to new ideas and concepts and to what we can do out of junk!  This event will leverage the Lebanese capabilities and creativity and boost cultural tourism.  

The event will also introduce the Lebanese Social Entrepreneurs and highlight their projects through booths and activities in Zaituna Bay!!!