Indimaj project, aims to reintegrate former substance abusers into society in a sustainable and socio-professional way, by strengthening the personal abilities of vulnerable individuals. Former residents will be able to find sustainable jobs/ start training sessions suitable to their aspirations and abilities. The project helps residents at the rehabilitation center to rebuild a balanced and sustainable life at all levels.

Through the “Indimaj” project, Oum el Nour and Chreek will be implementing activities in the two rehabilitation centers (for both women and men) such as: IT, Music, Sports, Dance, Theater, Environmental Awareness… as tools to facilitate the reintegration into society. The technical workshops aim to make the beneficiaries productive and to build their capacities to do so. The beneficiaries at the rehabilitation center will learn carpentry, ironwork, plumbing, electricity work and up cycling.

The impact that Oum el nour and Chreek are hoping to achieve during this two-year project is to meet the needs of beneficiaries though knowledge exchange, greater collaboration, respect for the environment while always using the logic of local responses to local problems.  Women and Men are treated equally with the same access to facilities and are enabled to find meaning in their life and a place in society with real added value.

This integrated program of socio-professional reinsertion, which is specifically, designed for substance abusers will be a pilot project and may extend to other rehabilitation centers in Lebanon, opening opportunities for collaboration with other structures.

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